Versions Overview
  • 15 Apr 2024
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Versions Overview

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CobbleStone® Software’s Contract Insight application release notes are meant to assist our clients and users in obtaining a high level or overview understanding of the new features, enhancements and issue resolutions associated with each released version of the application.

Version Numbers, Segments & Types

The initial questions most users ask are: 

  • What exactly do the version numbers mean? 
  • What does the release type mean? 

CobbleStone® Software’s development of Contract Insight follows an industry standard for naming and numbering consisting of three (3) segments of numbers, separated by a period. When a new release is deployed, its release type is determined based on what changes, enhancements, issue resolutions or new functionality is included with the new release. 

Below is a breakdown of the release version number and release type with these items in mind. 

1 First Segment:
The first segment represents the system or application number. This number only changes if there is a major overhaul to the system or application on a whole.
A release altering this segment is an upgrade release type. 

2 Second Segment: 
The second segment represents a new major functionality release. This number only changes if there is new functionality or major enhancements to multiple areas of the system/application.
A release altering this segment is an update release type. 

3 Third Segment: 
The third segment represents the patch number. This number changes with each new patch. The patch refers to targeted enhancements and issue resolutions. 

4 Rev: 
The rev (revision) represents the hotfix. This changes with each hotfix. The hotfix refers to security updates and issue resolutions.

Version List

Release Date
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Release notes for older versions can be found HERE

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