Digital vs. Electronic Signature
  • 25 Jan 2024
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Digital vs. Electronic Signature

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The Difference Between Digital & Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature (or e-signature) is an electronic signing process that functions as a means of accepting an agreement or contract.  Electronic signature software can employ a wide variety of standard electronic authentication methods to confirm signatory identities - such as email address, company ID, password protection, and a secure PIN.  Proof of signing can be indicated with a secure process that includes an audit trail.

Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures are different from electronic signatures. Digital Signature solutions leverage certificate-based digital identification for validation of document integrity. These certificates are often issued by a certificate authority (or CA) and provide proof of signing with trusted timestamps and through the use of an encryption to bind a digital certificate associated with a signature to the corresponding document. Essentially, digital signature certificates serve to guarantee the document has not been tampered with after the electronic signature has been applied. Contact CobbleStone® to learn more about Digital Signature offerings. 

Qualified Signatures

Qualified signatures differ from both Electronic and Digital Signatures. Typical Qualified Signatures offer a higher level of identity review and are not included in IntelliSign or CobbleStone® Electronic Signature offerings. Contact CobbleStone® to learn more about Qualified Signature offerings. 

Since the advent of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act of 2000, both digital and electronic signatures have been considered to be as legally binding as handwritten, "wet" signatures in the United States. Since electronic signature laws vary by country and legal jurisdiction, check with your attorney or corporate legal counsel for any legal advice regarding the use of electronic or digital signatures. 

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