Web Browser Compatibility
  • 24 Jan 2024
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Web Browser Compatibility

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One of the major hurdles associated with any web-based system such as Contract Insight is how it functions on not only a multitude of browsers, but on many different versions/releases of these browsers. The primary/major web browsers that CobbleStone®’s Contract Insight system supports are:

Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Apple Safari

CobbleStone® has always taken the stance to support modern web browsers, however in recent years the term “modern” has become a very relative term. Many organizations still utilize browser versions released more than 5 years ago. While these can technically be considered modern, this stance has led to many support related issues, which in turn caused CobbleStone® to take on a mantra of “modern” meaning within the past 2-3 stable releases of a browser. This change in philosophy brought on another arena of issues because each web browser company approaches releases of their browser in different ways.

The objective of this policy is to address how CobbleStone® approaches each major supported browser (listed above) with regards to questions about browser compatibility and support for Contract Insight.

It is important to note that Contract Insight may run on other browsers; however, any browsers other than the ones listed above are not vetted and tested by the CobbleStone® ITSG. Any other browsers must be considered as being no more than partial support.

Application Security

In addition to browser support from a functionality standpoint, recent vulnerabilities found in security (SSL) protocols have led to a revision of acceptable and supported browsers. Below is a breakdown of security protocols are supported as well as unsupported. For an end user to successfully work with CobbleStone®’s Contract Insight, their browser must support at least one of the supported protocols to ensure the integrity and security of your Contract Insight system is held to industry standards.

Supported Protocols: TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3

Below is a Wikipedia page dedicated to tracking TLS/SSL Security for the various versions of many major browsers including the browsers supported by CobbleStone®. When reviewing this page, ensure the browser (and version) you are looking to use has a green “Yes” for at least one of the supported protocols.


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