System Requirements
  • 10 Nov 2023
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System Requirements

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Requirements for the Web (IIS Server) part of Contract Insight

Contract Insight requires a full Microsoft Platform for Contract Insight to run on.  

The following needs to be installed on your IIS server along with the correct specs: 

  • 4.8.1 ASP.NET framework or higher 
  • 2013 C++ Redistributable (64) installed on IIS (Exact Version) 
Server Type
The server for the Microsoft IIS Website can be either a physical machine or a virtual machine.
If using a virtual machine, all minimum and recommended specs below MUST be dedicated.
Server Processor(s)
A Quad-Core CPU [4GHz] (Recommended)
Server Memory
20+ GB of RAM (Recommended)
NOTE: This is to ensure the OS, IIS and the Contract Insight Website can run smoothly (as intended).  
Server Hard Drives
SSD Drives
Server Disk Space

At least 100 GB of free disk space after the installation of the OS and IIS 

NOTE: Uploaded files are not stored in the file system; they are stored directly in the MS SQL Server database. 

NOTE: The IIS Files/Folders will remain the same unless a patch/update is applied to the Contract Insight system.

Server OS
Microsoft Windows Server 2022
If using an https secure connection, the SSL Certificate must be installed directly on the web server.
Additional Software/Services
Microsoft .NET 4.8.1 (or later), Internet Information Services (IIS), Windows SMTP Services, Must support TLS 1.3

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