System Requirements
  • 28 Apr 2023
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System Requirements

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Requirements for the DB (SQL Server) part of Contract Insight

Contract Insight requires a full Microsoft Platform for Contract Insight to run on. To guarantee the application run efficiently our guidelines need to be followed at least to the minimum suggested. In order for our SQL installer to work a minimum of .NET 3.5 Framework needs to be installed on the SQL server. Also, when creating the database “Full Text Indexing” (semantic) needs to be installed. 

Server Type
The server for the Microsoft SQL Server database can be either a physical machine or a virtual machine.
NOTE: If using a virtual machine, all minimum recommendation specs below MUST be dedicated.
Server Processor(s)
A Quad-Core CPU [4GHz] (Recommended) Server Memory 18+ GB of RAM (Recommended)
NOTE: This is to ensure the OS, SQL Server and the Contract Insight Database can run smoothly (as intended). 
Server Hard Drives
SSD Drives
Server Disk Space
At least 100 GB of free disk space after the installation of the OS and SQL Server Database

NOTE: Estimate 3-5 MB of disk space required for each contract record. Additional free disk space will be necessary for large number of contracts and attachments. 

Server OS & Database
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (or later), Microsoft SQL Server Database 2014 (or later)
Additional Software/Services
Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 (or later) & 3.5 Framework. Must support TLS 1.2.
MS SQL Server Authentication Key Notes
When installing Microsoft SQL Server, please ensure that SQL Server is configured for mixed-mode authentication. This is the standard that is used by Contract Insight.
Full Text Search Key Notes
When installing Microsoft SQL Server, please ensure that you keep all the default options selected. In addition, please be sure to check/enable AT LEAST the Full-Text Indexing feature.

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