REST API Overview
  • 02 Nov 2023
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REST API Overview

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REST API Overview


CobbleStone® Software’s Contract Insight application offers the functionality to integrate with outside systems. Application Program Interface delivers data and between devices and programs. Representational State Transfer program implementation increases efficiency of communication in computing systems.


This would be the next generation of APIs from CobbleStone® as RESTful implementation where it would be installed as separate application side by side with Contract Insight either on cloud or on-premise.

Consumers of the API (End-User) would be able to access desired endpoints dedicated for each entity, for example to access Contracts table then the consumer would create a web call to the REST endpoint passing entity name as first parameter with any query criteria if needed.

Operations on data through this APIs would reflect the same as Contract Insight where only Insert and Update are available and Delete is not allowed.

SaaS Clients can find out how to locate their API Information HERE.  Deployed Clients can find out how to locate their API Information HERE.

OAuth is an open standard for access delegation, commonly used as a way for Internet users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites but without giving them the passwords.

How this is authenticated:

  • This version of API has its own separated list of authenticated users but linked to the users list in Contract Insight for logging purpose only and the authentication mechanism.
  • A Client ID and Client Secret must be generated.
  • Credentials can be generated with Swagger, in C#, or with Postman

How this is secured:

  • Our APIs would use SSL to authenticate, send and receive data from the consumer.

How This is triggered:

  • Our API does not offer notification or monitoring functionality to the consumer. It does not notify the consumer about a change that happened to any record or field within CobbleStone® data so it cannot be used to implement a real time system but only “Near Realtime/Scheduled” and “Batch”.
  • Information on the layout of tables can be found in the Schema Explorer
  • Endpoints can be tested using Postman
  • The available Endpoints are GET, ADD, UPDATE, File Download, and File Upload

Access Level

  • The username and password must belong to an active system administrator.

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