Initiating an eApproval
  • 30 Jan 2024
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Initiating an eApproval

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Initiating an eApproval   

Initiating an eApproval Process

Once a template has an eApproval flow configured, the participants can be finalized and the process can be initiated from the created document package.

E-Approvals on Side Menu of Document Template


Confirm the E-Approval Flow/Group

1. Click E-Approval Flow/Group.

2. Click the Carat for the desired group.

Approval Group on Grid


3. Click Set Participant.

4. From the Select Participant pick-list, select the desired participant.

Set Participant


5. Click Alter Participant.

6. Repeat as necessary for other Approval Groups.


Starting the E-Approval Process

1. On the side menu, click E-Approvals Processing.

2. The Process Manager screen displays.

Process Manager


3. If all participants have been set, New Approval Process and Assigned Participants will both display as Validated. If they are not Validated, check the assigned participants.

4. Click New Approval Process.

Approval process Info


5. Set all options - paying special attention to the Approval Type.

Approval Type Dropdown


 Approval Type has two options:

 Acknowledge Only: Only receipt of the document is required

 Full Approvals: The document must be reviewed and then attested to for approval of the document.





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