Initial Setup Data Planning Templates
  • 29 Dec 2021
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Initial Setup Data Planning Templates

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Initial Setup Data Planning Templates   

In order to successfully plan the values that will eventually be entered into your Contract Insight application, it is highly recommended to use Planning Spreadsheets in order to properly lay out the data.  

Attached below are three spreadsheets:

1. InitialSetupTablePlanningSpreadsheets.xlsx- (Spreadsheet to be Filled Out)

Each tab represents an area considered to be part of the "MasterReference Data", or setup data that will provide the building blocks for your Contract Insight application.  This spreadsheet will be used to compile a list of your own "Master Reference Data" as needed/fits for your organization and will be used to finalize the values for each table/tab that your organization would like to have included in the initial application system configuration.

2. Out-of-the-Box FieldsforEmployees_Vendors_Contracts.xlsx- (Out of the Box Fields)

For each tab in this spreadsheet, there is a list of the "out-of-the-box" Fields, the Field Type (Drop down, multi-select list box, text, etc.), and the value(s) that the field will either display (for drop downs) or be looking for (i.e. Budget Amount is looking for "Currency").

*If you would like to add an additional "user-defined" field to any of the spreadsheet tabs, please add it to the list for the appropriate table (Employee, Vendor/Company, Contract Record) and list

a) What you would like to have for the display name of the new field
b) The field type of the new field
c)  List either the values that will need to be displayed in the "Values" cell for a Drop Down or Multi-Select List field type, or for other field types the length of the field (maximum number of characters that the field will accept)

3. Out-of-the-Box SetupTableValues.xlsx- (Out of the Box Values/Sample Data already in your Contract Insight Application)

This spreadsheet contains tabs that, like the "MasterReferenceDataTemplates.xlsx", represent the tables that are considered the building blocks for your Contract Insight application.  These spreadsheet tabs, however, are populated with all of the "out-of-the-box" values that are provided with a new Contract Insight instance.  Please let these values serve as samples of how the tables are used, and please feel free to keep or remove as many values as needed for your organization’s final list in the "MasterReferenceDataTemplates.xlsx" spreadsheets.

See the wiki page for importing/updating for more on importing data into Contract Insight.

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