• 30 Jan 2024
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Clients with a DocuSign license can use our connector to sign documents in Contract Insight using DocuSign. Configuration instructions can be found HERE.

Signing a File with DocuSign

Scroll down to the File Browser/Explorer section of your record and click the document toolbox icon next to the document you wish to sign.

File Attachments, Select Toolbox next to document

Select ESign Document, then select DocuSign.

Esign Document DocuSign Selection Example

On the next page, you will choose which documents to include. The document you selected with the toolbox will already be selected.

Select Document for Esigning process example

After your document is selected, the user will select recipients.

E Signature Selecting Recipient Example

Recipient Types


Adds a new Recipient Slot where the user is able to enter any name or email address.

Add Employee

User is able to select from a list of Employees within Contract Insight.

Add Contact

User is able to select from a list of Company Contacts within Contract Insight.

Add DocuSign Contact

User is able to select from a list of their DocuSign Contacts.

Dropdown to Sign, Receive Copy, or View Required option

Recipient Action Types


A recipient that must sign, initial, date or add data to form fields on the documents in the envelope.

Needs to View

A recipient that must receive the completed documents for the envelope to be completed, but does not need to sign, initial, date or add information to any of the documents.

Receives a Copy

A recipient that should get a copy of the envelope, but does not need to sign, initial, date or add information to any of the documents. This type of recipient can be placed in any order in the recipient list. The recipient receives a copy of the envelope when the envelope reaches the recipient’s order in the process flow and when the envelope is completed.

Notification Settings Example



You can set reminders in increments of days. Reminder delay is the amount of days before the first reminder is sent. Reminder Frequency is the amount of days between each reminder.


The envelope can be set to expire after a set number of days. Expire After is the amount of days until the envelope expires. Expire Warning is the amount of days before the expiration date that a warning message is sent.

After Recipients are selected and Notification Settings are determined, the user can compose the message that is sent out for signing. 

The email's subject is set in the Subject box, and the body text of the email is input through the text box.

Creating Message to send with Signing process example

After clicking the Signing button, the user will be asked if they want to create the Envelope and be sent to DocuSign to set placeholders.

Redirect to DocuSign popup window

Docusign Placeholder Selection option

After the envelope is sent for signing, the user will be taken to a landing page. Extra recipients can be added if needed, or the process can be voided.

Status and information of Docusign Signing Process emails sent

Once all recipients have signed, the Envelope Complete pop-up will appear. Users can choose to mark the process as complete and upload the documents separately, combined, or choose which documents to import. Alternatively, they can choose not to update and allow the auto-importer to handle the process.

Select completion option for Signed Documents

Note: “Checks” between Contract Insight and DocuSign are run on a schedule. Please wait up to 20 minutes after all parties have signed to verify process is complete and up to 30 minutes for the final document to be attached to the Contract Record.

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