Document Templates Overview
  • 25 Jan 2024
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Document Templates Overview

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Document Templates Overview   

Document Templates: Overview

The Document Authoring Module allows administrative and authorized users with the proper permissions to add and manage document templates that can be generated onto contracts and committals, purchase orders, requests, solicitations and procurement, vendors/customers, and employees/users.

Contract Insight offers the ability to use Internal and Third-Party Templates. 

Defining the Two Types

The files and documents that are created and managed by your organization are termed Internal or standard document package templates.

The files and documents that are sent or provided to you by your vendors, customers, providers, suppliers, etc. are termed Third Party Paper< document package templates.

The major difference within Document Authoring between Standard and Third-Party Paper document package templates has to do with the setting up and management of attachments/files on the template.

Explaining the Difference

However, the same standard process cannot be used when the documents are being sent to you by one of your vendors, customers, providers, suppliers, etc. This is because the documents being sent to you are in fact being managed by the third party. This is where Third Party Paper document package templates come in.

For Third Party Paper document package templates, we are relegated to only setting up a template with Rules & Conditions as well as Electronic Approval Groups and Electronic Signature Groups

Document Template Side Menu


After a Third-Party Paper document package template is generated onto a record (for example a Contract Record), files and attachments can be uploaded to the generated document package. This is when users add in the documents and files provided by your vendor, customer, supplier, provider, etc. Once the necessary documents and files have been uploaded, the processing of approvals and/or signatures can continue on as they normally would within a Standard generated document package. The menu links are only a subset of items as compared to the menu for Standard document package templates.  Since we are only setting up conditions, approval groups and signature groups in our Third-Party Paper document package templates, this means that all of our “content” for these document packages will be provided after the template is generated onto our record.

Note: Any type of file can be uploaded and used from your third party be it word, excel, pdf, etc.

Note: The processing of approvals and signatures can also include contacts from your third-party provided they are assigned to the record you generated the template from. 

Each Template can have an unlimited number of sections added to it. 

Note: Each section has a limit of 8000 characters.






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