Adding a "One-Off" Task
  • 29 Jan 2024
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Adding a "One-Off" Task

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Adding a "One-Off" Task   

Contract Tasks: Adding a "One-Off" Task

1. Select Add Task from the Tasks, E-mails, Workflow, Alerts menu on the Contract Record Details screen.

Add Task Button on Tasks and Workflows Section


2. Enter the required information into the Add Task screen and select Save & Continue. Task creation can be cancelled by clicking Return to Contract Details on the side menu.

Add Task Form


Adding a One-Off Task from the VISDOM add screen

One-Off tasks can be added directly to a new record when working with the following:

A) A VISDOM add screen

B) Natural Language Processing


1. When those conditions are met,  to add a task to a record on the add screen, click the NLP Data tab available for the record.

2. Click Create Task.

Create Task off Drag and Drop Add


3. Enter the task data.

4. Save the task data.

Note: The tab on your record may be named differently than the one pictured above.





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