3. Survey List
  • 25 Jan 2024
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3. Survey List

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Survey List   

Surveys/Questionnaires: Survey List

Surveys/Questionnaires are essentially envelopes for questions. To use the questions, a survey/questionnaire must first be built to house them. The survey itself is then associated with a record.

Create Surveys

1. To work with surveys, navigate to Manage/SetupSurveys& QuestionnairesSurvey List.

Survey List on Main Menu

2. On the side menu, click Add New Survey.

Add New Survey in Events List

3. Give the survey a Name, select the For Area, toggle Can Respondents See Scores, and mark the survey as Active. Optionally, fill out the desired messages. To reference fields (e.g. Title, ID, etc.) in the Notification Subject or Notification Body, select them from the Merge Fields dropdown menu in the text editor. Click Save Survey/Questionnaire.

Survey Add

Add Survey Sections

1. Enter a name for your section in the New Section Name textbox.

Note: Each survey/questionnaire must contain at least one section.

Survey Form Manager

2. After giving the section a name, decide if you want to assign the section to a specific role, then click Add

New Section


Add/Remove Questions to Survey Sections

1. Click Manage for the section to which to add questions. The section displays at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click Add Question to open the Add Question pop-up window.

Manage Section


3. Click the folder containing the question(s) desired.

4. Click the plus icon () to add a question.

Add Question

5. Remove an existing question by clicking the X icon in the side of that question.

Remove Question



Surveys can be scored using the following question types: Drop Down, Checkbox, or Multiple-Choice


Add Scoring to Survey Question

1. Click the pencil icon next to an available response

Edit Score 


2. Enter the numeric value of the response

Edit Score Value

3. Click Save

Save Button

4. Repeat for each available response


Setting the Scoring Key

1. Click the pencil icon on the question's Scoring Key.

Scoring Key

2. Set the calculation for the Good Scores and click on Save.

Good Score

 3. Set the calculation for the Bad Scores and click Save.

Bad Score

4. Click the X in the top right of the pop-up window to close.

Close Window

5. The Scoring Key will be updated to show what determines a good/bad score for that question.

Updated Scoring Key

6. Repeat for each survey question to be scored.






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