05. Employee Groups and Roles
  • 25 Jan 2024
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05. Employee Groups and Roles

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05. Employee Groups & Roles

Employee/User Management: Employee Roles & Groups

Contract Insight supports the ability to create, manage, and assign employees/users to Application Administrator-defined roles/groups. This allows Application Administrators to assign tasks (and workflows) to not only an individual employee/user, but also custom groups.

Create a New Employee Group1. Log into the system as an Application Administrator, and navigate to Employees > Employee List

Navigating to Employee List

Navigating to Roles/Groups

2. Click Roles/Groups on the side menu.
3. The Employee Role/Group List screen displays. Click Add Role/Group on the side menu. 

Click Add Role/Group

5. Enter the Name for the Role/Group to create.

6. Select whether the new Role/Group should be the group notified for Contract Requests submitted on the Vendor/Client Gateway by selecting Yes or No for the Default for Gateway field.

7. Click Save.

Click Save & Continue

Note: The Default for Gateway field must be set to Yes for at least one Employee Group if you would like to allow Vendors/Clients to submit Contract Requests through the Gateway (see the Managing Access to the Gateway Wiki page for information about setting Configuration Settings to allow Vendors/Customers to submit Contract Requests through the Vendor/Client Gateway).

Assign Employees to an Employee Group

Navigate to the Employee Group/Role List screen. Click View for the group line item.  

Click View for the Role/Group 

3. The Employee Role/Group Management Screen displays. To add an employee, click Add Employee. This will open an area where employees can be added to the group. To remove an existing Group Member, click Remove under the Options area in their name line area.

4. To return to the prior screen, click Return to Roles/Groups on the side menu.

Click Return to Roles/Groups

Delete an Employee Group

1. Navigate to the Employee Role/Group Management Screen.

2. Click Delete Record on the side menu.

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